“For far too long we have focused our attention on the results of the aberrant behaviour that flows from a lack of respect and civility in our society. It is time for us to get at the root causes of these behaviours and that is precisely what the Canadian Project for Manners & Civility does. This could be the beginning of a much needed national societal values rejuvenation based on positive character attributes.”—Don Page, Professor of Leadership Studies, Trinity Western University, Langley, BC

“Parents, you have an important role in the public schools of America. Send your children to kindergarten already having learned their manners!”—President George W. Bush

“National Manners Month is a great idea for all of us! Judi Vankevich aka The Manners Lady, is redeeming the next generation through her powerful Manners Lady music and Manners Club materials. In a winsome, attractive, fun and exciting way using music, visuals and mnemonic devices, she is helping children and families learn the powerful principals of civilized living. Bravo! Every church and school needs her material!”—Dr. Ted Baehr, Chairman, Movieguide, A Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment

“Without good manners, we cannot function as a society. Manners are the shared patterns of behaviour that allow us to work and play together, to help one another and to succeed in our endeavours. The first set of attributes in our Graduate Profile have to do with students being Ethical and Respectful Citizens ‘who act in caring, principled and responsible ways, respecting the diversity, gender, age, race, ability and cultural heritage of all people and the rights of others to hold different ideas and beliefs.' A lot of that has to do with good manners.”—Cheryle Beaumont, Superintendent of Schools, Langley School District

“Civility is all about respecting your neighbour. If everyone did that, issues like crime would fall by the wayside. Teaching good manners are an important part of preparing children how to be productive, healthy, functional members of society.”—Rich Coleman, MLA, Fort Langley-Aldergrove

“Your message to the youth of Halton Hills to encourage the practice of good manners was well received by our young citizens. Your high-energy show was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. On behalf of the Town of Halton Hills, I would like to wish you continued success, and hope that you can visit our town again in the near future.”—Kathy Gastle, Mayor, Halton Hills, ON

“As our contemporary culture grows coarser each year, children and teens need to be taught how to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Judi The Manners Lady, The Manners Club & The Project for Manners & Civility speak to an important need in the training of our young. Teaching kids how to show respect for themselves and others can contribute to building character in these young ones, who will shape tomorrow's world.”—U.S. Senator Roger Jepsen and Mrs. Dee Jepsen, Florida

“I believe Winston Churchill once said that the sign of the decline of civilization is the lack of good manners. As homeschoolers, my wife and I are committed to raising our children with high standards including proper manners. I applaud Judi The Manners Lady for her vision to inspire Americans to get back to our foundational principles of honor and respect. We so appreciate the excellent work she is doing to train our young people with an upbeat, positive, and first class approach. Her CD captivated our children from the first note and taught all of the kids valuable lessons. This is a niche that certainly needs filling and Judi is there to make a difference that will reap dividends for many years to come.”—Mike Glenn, National Religious Broadcasters, Washington, D.C.

“If more of our teens could learn manners and what The Manners Lady is teaching, we’d have fewer of our teens in trouble and in jail.”—Mark Early, President of Prison Fellowship International

“God Almighty has set before me two great objects, the suppression of the slave trade and the reformation of manners.”—William Wilberforce, British Member of Parliament, 1700s

“The Manners Day concert and program at Lord Tweedsmuir School was both entertaining as well as demonstrating a proactive way of dealing with some of the serious social problems faced by our students. I’m sure the students benefited as much as I did and learned about respect and good manners. It is not only important for our children but to society at large to understand that respect and good manners are the most important life learning tools. Best wishes to you as you carry on this worthwhile endeavour.”—Wayne Wright, Mayor, New Westminster, BC

“Individuals with good manners demonstrate good character. Individuals with good character generally do the right thing. It's through courtesy, kindness, and respect of oneself and others that solid, healthy communities are built upon.”—Janice Armstrong, RCMP Superintendent, Langley, BC

“A strong commitment to manners and civility in Canada is vital for preserving a positive, safe and enjoyable society for all Canadians. A commitment to good character and self-government breeds good citizenship. The Canadian Project for Manners & Civility is providing a valuable service to all of us by reminding us to get back to the important principles in the establishment of our country: respect for others and civility. This message needs to be lived out by our political leaders, business leaders, athletic teams, schools and families. We are grateful for the music and message of Judi the Manners Lady and for her vision and passion for bringing this message to the next generation.”—Dr. Maurice Vellacott, MP, Saskatoon-Wanuskewin, SK

“Manners are indeed very important. The Manners Lady CD will get excellent usage among our three grandchildren. Congratulations on the success of this project, and more importantly on your family life and all your successes. Your record of achievements is really quite commendable.”—Ken Thomson, The Woodbridge Company, Ltd.

“One's character is defined by his or her words and actions. To be treated with respect and kindness, one must follow the Golden Rule and extend respect and kindness to others. Not only does our conduct define us as individuals, but it also provides an example for others, especially our children. If we all practice respect and good manners, we can create a more civil and ordered society where a free exchange of ideas and opinions is valued.”—Bob McDonnell, Attorney General, Commonwealth of Virginia

“As a community, we appreciate the vital importance that good manners & civility play in improving the quality of life for our community. We wish you a terrific National Manners Month… all year long!”—Kurt Alberts, Mayor, Langley Township

“At school and at work, at your house or in the House of Commons, everybody needs good manners. The character of a nation is demonstrated in the way its citizens treat one another. Showing respect for others, including people we don't know, is an important way for every one of us to contribute to building Canadian society. With True Patriot Love, let's all celebrate Manners Month together in Our Home and Native Land.”—Russ Hiebert, MP, South Surrey, White Rock and Cloverdale, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Defence

“Our Manners are an outward expression of our inward character. Our character determines our behaviour. Our society was designed for a people who are civil and can control their behaviour.”—Judi The Manners Lady, Director, Canadian Project for Manners & Civility

“We cannot do enough to reinforce the value of respect. Politeness is not just a nice thing to do when we feel like it, but rather a quality that should be an integral part of our DNA. National Manners Month in Langley will help remind us of the importance of manners, character and civility in our homes and in our community.”—Peter Fassbender, Mayor, Langley City

“Psychiatrist Smiley Blanton said that 80% of the counseling he did was because parents had not taught their children manners. National Manners Month is an excellent time to focus on manners and civility. The Manners Lady comes along at the right time with the right information. In a loving, exciting and inspirational way, she “sells” manners, then teaches them! It’s good stuff! I wish Judi and her music had been around when my kids were growing up, but I’m going to make sure all my grandchildren learn from her CD! Judi’s CD needs to be in every home in North America!”—Zig Ziglar, Motivational Teacher and Author

...because Manners Matter & Character Counts!

Join JUDI THE MANNERS LADY in helping inspire a new generation to live with Civility and Good Manners—and pull out crime by its roots—lack of respect for others & their property!

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“God Almighty has set before me two great objects, the suppression of the slave trade and the reformation of manners.”—William Wilberforce, British Member of Parliament, 1700s