"Meet Your Neighbor!" Contest

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LAUNCH YOUR OWN "Meet Your Neighbor" Contest in your City, School, Church, Rotary Club In association with local City Halls, Businesses, and Chambers of Commerce

Many of us grew up singing along with our friends from Sesame Street, "Who are the People in Your Neighborhood?"

Fast forward to today... Do we know the people in our neighborhood? The names of our next door neighbors? Our mailman? The check out lady at the grocery store? Our Librarian? Our Mayor and elected officials?

Meet Your Neighbour Contest Passport

When we know our neighbors and greet them by name, our communities take on a whole new dimension of kindness and caring. People feel valued and important. When people know that you care, they'll be there for you when you need them. When children and teens know the names of their local merchants, they are less likely to steal from someone they know... nor will they be disruptive or do grafitti on their property.

Let us know if YOUR community would like to host your first "Meet Your Neighbor!" Contest!

In this community contest, which could be sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce and City Hall in each city, people of all ages would be encouraged to visit their neighbors, the local businesses, City Hall, Library, Police Headquarters, Fire Hall etc. to get their "passport" stamped. (The passport could be re-printed in the local paper, and sponsored by local businesses, so everyone could get a copy, or can be picked up at local businesses or government offices." All completed passports would be put in a city-wide draw for great prizes.

How to Complete your Passport

In order to get your passport stamped, each guest to the business or government office would greet the merchant or staff person with a firm handshake and a smile, and then introduce themselves politely. A good guideline to follow is "The Five Steps of Awesome Introductions"...

The Five Steps of Awesome Introductions

5 Steps for Awesome Introduction Skills chart

  1. Look directly into the person's eyes.
  2. Smile and Be Friendly.
  3. Shake hands firmly
  4. Say "Hi it's nice to meet you!"
  5. And have good conversation!

After the merchant introduces him/herself, then the customer would get their passport stamped. (Each merchant could also offer his/her own draw within the store—a great way to collect customer emails and phone numbers for later relationship building with their customers!)

Completed Passports could be turned into any branch of the local libraries or City Hall by a certain deadline.

Benefit for Merchants

More families and customers would be coming into their establishment... and the staff would get to know your customer's names, thereby building customer loyalty. (As a VP of Human Resources for Cascades Entertainment, where Judi was the keynote speaker for their grand corporate opening for their 500 employees, said "customer service IS manners!")

Children and teens love to know business owners and community leaders "personally" by name... as well as be known by them. Kids are less likely to steal from someone they know... nor will they be disruptive or do grafitti on their property.

The more they feel part of the community, the more they'll take "ownership" of their town. For example, this is my Town! I'm proud to be from _____________... and I'll take care of my town.

Benefit for Children & Teens

Children and teens (and adults too!) would be learning and practicing important social skills that are vital in a civil society.

Benefit for Community

Parents are thrilled (and proud) when their children learn good manners and social skills and get to practice them. Children would be learning citizenship and to take responsibility for their actions and behavior as they get more involved in their community and get to know community leaders and business owners by their first names.

...because Manners Matter & Character Counts!

Join JUDI THE MANNERS LADY in helping inspire a new generation to live with Civility and Good Manners—and pull out crime by its roots—lack of respect for others & their property!

Manners Captured

Manners Quoted

“Without good manners, we cannot function as a society. Manners are the shared patterns of behaviour that allow us to work and play together, to help one another and to succeed in our endeavours. The first set of attributes in our Graduate Profile have to do with students being Ethical and Respectful Citizens ‘who act in caring, principled and responsible ways, respecting the diversity, gender, age, race, ability and cultural heritage of all people and the rights of others to hold different ideas and beliefs.' A lot of that has to do with good manners.”—Cheryle Beaumont, Superintendent of Schools, Langley School District