Ideas for Celebrating National Manners & Character Month - OCTOBER - and all year long!

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Civility and Manners -- in October -- and all year long!

Of course we should be polite and respectful all year long, but it's every October that the national spotlight will focus on "National Manners and Character Month!" from Capitol Hill and Parliament Hill... right down to City Hall!

"Contact us to bring "The Campaign for Kindness" to your city and school! Learn how the Three Keys of Kindness can restore civility to your community and your family! "

Our mission is to strengthen families, promote civility and fight crime in a preventative and proactive way.

We will encourage our national leaders and local leaders to live with good manners: with respect, an "attitude of gratitude" and by The Golden Rule.  Civility needs to be both "top down"... modeled from the top... as well as lived out by families and local communities—the foundation of our society.

Cities & Communities

  • Watch the National Manners Month website grow, as individual states, cities and communities and groups register how they will be celebrating Manners Month!

    Keep coming back to get ideas and tips on creative things to do during Manners Month and all year long—for businesses, schools, churches, sports teams, service clubs, etc.
  • Download the National Manners Month Banner!
  • Download the Family Pledge—"Our Family Celebrates National Manners Month... all year long!"
  • Download the Sports Pledge—"Our Team Celebrates National Manners Month... all year long!"
  • National Character Awards for our "Most Polite!"  Categories include Character Awards for Best Mannered Child, Teen, Neighbor, Business owner or employee, Athlete - professional and amateur, and most polite Politician!
  • Host "Manners Matter" Forums and Seminars in key cities across America and Canada for teens, parents, educators and for the business community, including city-wide events with guest speakers (local celebrities and athletes and political and community leaders) on character and manners.
  • Cities and local Chambers of Commerce could sponsor "Meet Your Neighbor" contests, such as the sample contest attached.
  • Schools—Elementary and High Schools as well as local colleges and universities will offer workshops on manners and character.
  • Coloring contests for elementary students - Colour The Bad Manners Monsters (go to
  • National Essay Contest for Elementary and High School students on "What difference do good manners and civility make in our community?"
  • During Manners Month, community and business leaders could come as guest speakers to the schools and community groups to talk about the need for manners and character.
  • Libraries can have displays and programs of books and resources on manners and character
  • Childrens Clubs can focus on manners: Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have Manners Badges to earn!
  • Service Clubs, i.e. Rotary Club (Putting others first and having good manners are foundational to Rotary's "4 Way Test™"), Kinsmen Clubs, Shriners, etc.
  • Churches and their children's and teen programs (i.e. Kids Club, Awanas, Pioneer Girls, Stockade, Cadets, Gems, etc.) can focus on manners and character
  • National and local Sports Teams: Football, Hockey, Soccer, Baseball. Basketball, Lacrosse, etc. focus on respect and sportsmanship. (We could invite professional athletes to speak up on sportsmanship as one of the highest honors to win)
  • Local papers could support Manners Month by running articles written by community leaders on why manners are important. They could also offer running essay contests on civility or print fun coloring contests (i.e. of The Bad Manners Monsters!)
  • Judi The Manners Lady will be doing concerts in selected cities across North America. Watch The Manners Lady for tour schedule of concerts and leadership training seminars, "The Manners Leadership Boot Camp for Teens" at high schools focusing on practical ways of showing respect to elders, peers and yourself; job interview skills and relationships.

Other links to help your city grow in manners and character

Just imagine what your community would be like if every school used The Manners Club & Life Skill Character Program! Music is scientifically proven to influence behaviour, and thousands of parents around the world have seen the attitude and behaviour of their children transformed by The Manners Lady music... teaching The Golden Rule... an attitude of Gratitude... The Five Fabulous Phrases that Can Change the World... Say Hello to All the World... The Friendship Song... (To hear all the songs on the Manners Lady CD for FREE go to

Our goal is to donate The Manners Lady CD to every school in America and Canada through the non-profit International Project for Manners & Civility. To help make this happen, give us a call at 1-866-275-5834 or send an email.

We also want to make the CD and materials available for developing countries to help train their young citizens in self-government, self-control, citizenship and civility. If you share this vision—to reach a new generation—let us know!

Coming Soon: Manners Lady CD in Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic!

...because Manners Matter & Character Counts!

Join JUDI THE MANNERS LADY in helping inspire a new generation to live with Civility and Good Manners—and pull out crime by its roots—lack of respect for others & their property!

Manners Captured

Manners Quoted

“Individuals with good manners demonstrate good character. Individuals with good character generally do the right thing. It's through courtesy, kindness, and respect of oneself and others that solid, healthy communities are built upon.”—Janice Armstrong, RCMP Superintendent, Langley, BC