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If you share this vision to impact our community with these foundational principles, join the National Manners Month Team! For information on joining us and celebrating National Manners Month in your family, school, business, church and community. If you would like to support this effort to inspire our culture to live with civility with a tax deductible donation, please get in touch with us via:


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...because Manners Matter & Character Counts!

Join JUDI THE MANNERS LADY in helping inspire a new generation to live with Civility and Good Manners—and pull out crime by its roots—lack of respect for others & their property!

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“At school and at work, at your house or in the House of Commons, everybody needs good manners. The character of a nation is demonstrated in the way its citizens treat one another. Showing respect for others, including people we don't know, is an important way for every one of us to contribute to building Canadian society. With True Patriot Love, let's all celebrate Manners Month together in Our Home and Native Land.”—Russ Hiebert, MP, South Surrey, White Rock and Cloverdale, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Defence